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Alle brukere av YouVersion kan bli med i en gruppe. Disse kan være opprettet av menigheter, bibelgrupper og andre organisasjoner. Gruppene er en måte du kan holde deg oppdatert på YouVersion Live-arrangementene som gruppene arrangerer. Du kan være med i flere grupper samtidig.

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  • XSBJ
    1 Medlem(mer)
    XSBJ » Church
  • Rhema Miracle Centre Assemblies of God
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Rhema Miracle Centre Assemblies of God » Church
    Rhema Miracle Centre Assemblies of God Vision Statement: “Living the Word in the World” ​Mission Statement: Reaching out to all with the gospel of Christ; Representing one family in Christ; Reflecting many nations and, Releasing people into ministry.
  • Trinity Baptist Church, Woolwich
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Trinity Baptist Church, Woolwich » Church
    Trinity Baptist Church, Woolwich An ordinary church with an extra ordinary impact A family of love A house of joy A sanctuary of peace A church of patience A tabernacle of goodness A fellowship of friendship A chapel of faithfulness A palace of humility
  • Grace Community Church
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Grace Community Church » Church
    Grace Community Church
  • Heaven's Journey Ministry
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Heaven's Journey Ministry » Small Group
    Heaven's Journey Ministry
  • IEAB - São Roberto
    1 Medlem(mer)
    IEAB - São Roberto » Church
    IEAB - São Roberto
  • Lifepoint Church
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Lifepoint Church » Church
    Lifepoint Church is a dynamic church located in Crestview, Florida. We have something for the whole family.
  • Forever in his Service and Light
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Forever in his Service and Light » Church
    Forever in his Service and Light
  • KCF Hawaii (Kakaako Christian Fellowship)
    1 Medlem(mer)
    KCF Hawaii (Kakaako Christian Fellowship) » Church
    KCF Hawaii (Kakaako Christian Fellowship)
  • Wards Chapel
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Wards Chapel » Church
    Wards Chapel
  • Koinonia: Jesus People (Cayman)
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Koinonia: Jesus People (Cayman) » Church
    A bible study for youth and young adults
    1 Medlem(mer)
  • Learning Together
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Learning Together » Small Group
    2 Timothy 2:15(KJV) 15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Learning together to better understand our purpose and fulfill what God has entrusted us to do! Encouraging and lifting
  • Crossroads Ministries
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Crossroads Ministries » Church
    Crossroads Ministries
  • Marriage is Wonderful
    2 Medlem(mer)
    Marriage is Wonderful » Church
    Marriage is Wonderful
  • Gereformeerde Kerk (vrijgemaakt) Capelle aan den IJssel - Zuid/West
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Gereformeerde Kerk (vrijgemaakt) Capelle aan den IJssel - Zuid/West » Church
    Gereformeerde Kerk (vrijgemaakt) Capelle aan den IJssel - Zuid/West
  • Church51 ATL
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Church51 ATL » Church
    Church51 ATL
  • The Journey Church - New Hampshire
    2 Medlem(mer)
    The Journey Church - New Hampshire » Church
    The Journey Church - New Hampshire
  • First Baptist Corning
    1 Medlem(mer)
    First Baptist Corning » Church
    First Baptist Corning
  • Central Baptist Church
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Central Baptist Church » Church
    Central Baptist Church
  • Церковь «Новогиреево»
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Церковь «Новогиреево» » Church
    В церкви «Новогиреево» мы осознаем сложность жизни в мегаполисе. Мы ценим Вас и Ваше время. Поэтому мы стараемся, чтобы богослужения были хорошо запланированы и организованы, а дух общения был исполнен теплоты и человечности.
  • Cebristol
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Cebristol » Church
  • Open Life
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Open Life » Church
    Open Life is just over 4 years old. In just a short amount of time we've grown from an idea to over 100 people. Our understanding of the Jesus mission is uncomplicated, people leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus. The role of the church is not to complicate your life with empty rituals, but uncomplicate your life through connecting, serving and sharing.
  • Judah - Fort Myers, FL
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Judah - Fort Myers, FL » Church
    We are a church family committed to seeking Christ, yielding to His Word and growing in His ways.
  • Life Community Church
    1 Medlem(mer)
    Life Community Church » Church
    Life Community Church